Vacation Announcements:

Please note:  Feb 13, 2020 to Feb 18, 2020 our company is spending vacation holiday . Because of this, you may  get some delay on our reply until Feb 19,2020. In the vacation time, we may take 48 hour instead of 24hour to reply.

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        (1)Choose Theme: There are two theme here which will be increases in future . First one is default theme and second one is 2nd theme. If you choose the Default Theme then you have to upload 2 app logo . First one is color and second one is white with transparent background. There is another switch button here named “Show only logo in header” if you enable it then only logo will be display in application header in application site. No application name will be display with loge. That means User only show the logo. Sometimes we saw some logo has with application name that’s why we add an extra setting option here

(2) Choose Homepage:   There are two homepage as well. Please choose that homepage which you like much.

After change you must press save button .

** The time is base on America/Chicago timezone